DonorCommunity, Inc., developers of the industry-leading cloud-based platform for online fundraising and event management and Telosa Software, developers of the affordable and easy-to-use Exceed! Basic, Exceed! Premier, and Exceed Beyond line of Donor Management solutions, jointly announced today that the two companies have merged to form Arreva, a software company serving the fundraising needs of nonprofit organization across the globe.

Visibility begins with your audience. Today there are many opportunities to know more about your audience. “Knowing your audience” really means understanding it. Here are four steps to help you achieve that goal.

So you are one of those wonderful dreamers who is working toward making their vision a reality by pouring all your energy into a nonprofit, but you think you have one problem: you’re a little quiet, a little introverted.

These high-impact tips are for nonprofit marketers who want to streamline their social media strategy to better engage potential and existing donors.

Even enthusiastic volunteers are at risk of experiencing burnout. Stay proactive to keep your NPO’s volunteers energetic, passionate, and eager to participate.

Peer pressure—not so good. Peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising, though? Downright awesome! It’s a concept that’s caught on like wildfire with nonprofit organizations, and it’s fueled by the power of social media. P2P makes it easy to turn your entire base of supporters into fundraisers.

How to Reengage Lapsed Donors

November 29, 2016

Lapsed donors are great prospects for nonprofits who want to boost fundraising. Learn how to reengage constituents who have stopped sending gifts to your NPO.

Executive Directors have a great deal of responsibility to the entire staff at a nonprofit organization. It’s literally in the title: they must execute all programs, policies, strategies, initiatives, operations, and communications of the organization.

Special events such as dinners and 5K’s have always been popular methods for nonprofits to raise awareness and attract donors to their cause. However, they’re not always profitable.

How do you build better relationships with high value donors? Understanding their motivation is crucial. DonorCommunity shares the 4 main motivational factors.

Nonprofit retention rates have fallen steadily over the last decade. Discover what can your NPO do to retain donors and cultivate more meaningful relationships.

The key to gaining additional donors, extended support, and deeper community understanding lies within your storytelling strategy. Explaining your nonprofit's true essence leads to quickening of your mission and an increased impact on your audience.

Efficient fundraising campaigns require mailing lists that are free from any communications that won’t generate donations. The goal of effective email activism is to keep your content short and sweet—don’t waste your audience’s time.

Donors only need one reason not to donate the first time they encounter your nonprofit, and more often than not, that one thing prevents future encounters from occurring.

Which nonprofits successfully use donor profiles to improve fundraising? Donor profiles pair well with social media strategy. DonorCommunity gives examples.

There’s no doubt that online fundraising is sweeping the globe as a great resource for nonprofits. Last year, nonprofits around the world collectively raised $116,000,000 on #GivingTuesday. Understanding what to do (and what not do) can make #GivingTuesday a hit for your nonprofit too.

Creating donor profiles will change the way you communicate with your donors and ultimately, how you fundraise. Without donor profiles, you may unwittingly be communicating the wrong message to your donors.

For anyone aspiring to make a positive impact on this planet over the next couple decades, Generation Z’s growing presence and involvement in world happenings makes knowing what makes this generation tick a top priority. After all, these kids are gonna be tomorrow’s world leaders.

For your limited staff and tight budget, automating your email marketing will not only make your job easier, but more efficient at nurturing leads and strengthening your connection to constituents.