A New Way To Sort Your Forms

A New Way To Sort Your Forms

One of our core values as a company (in addition to industry-leading support!) is to make sure we're providing the best, most user-friendly, and up-to-date software for all of our customers. We've worked hard to provide great software for peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns.

As usage of our online fundraising apps have increased, so has the demand for flexibility in using them...both for our customers directly, and their donors who are going online to support the organization. With such a variance in the type of campaigns and events going through the platform we've received frequent requests for the ability to easily sort the list of fundraisers, and we thought it was time you got what you asked for.

We've listened...introducing the new sorting feature available on your lists of open fundraisers.

Any list of open fundraisers can be sorted by any of the following values:

  • Raised Ascending
  • Raised Descending
  • Host Ascending
  • Host Descending
  • Title Ascending
  • Title Descending
  • Start Date Ascending
  • Start Date Descending
  • Close Date Ascending
  • Close Date Descending
  • Category Ascending
  • Category Descending