Crosspointplus and DonorCommunity Partner to Offer Clients Innovative Fundraising Platform and Campaigns

Crosspointplus and DonorCommunity Partner to Offer Clients Innovative Fundraising Platform and Campaigns

MIAMI, FL: August 25, 2015 — Crosspointplus, a Miami-based, multi-cultural fundraising agency that specializes in creative branding and major gift marketing programs, and DonorCommunity, developers of the leading "all-in-one" cloud computing software platform for online fundraising and advocacy, are pleased to announce a new partnership that will enable their respective clients to dramatically improve their fundraising results. The partners will jointly develop and market customized and creative fundraising solutions that enable clients to fully leverage Crosspointplus's strategic approach to fundraising and board development while executing these programs more productively and efficiently than ever before.

"The DonorCommunity Enterprise Suite® provides everything a nonprofit needs to build relationships with its community of stakeholders, including advanced capabilities for online donation processing and tracking, online marketing, event management, volunteer management, social networking, peer-to-peer fundraising and Website content management," said David Blyer, DonorCommunity founder and CEO. "While we provide development professionals with all of the tools and infrastructure they need to succeed, we rely on our clients to provide the knowledge and expertise needed to use our software to best advantage. Therefore, our partnership with Crosspointplus is a win/win for our joint clients, providing them with all of the productivity benefits of our fundraising platform along with the insights and expertise of a top flight consulting organization."

"Our partnership with DonorCommunity will enable us to utilize up-to-the-minute stakeholder information in planning and executing our highly targeted branding, event, and communications campaigns," said Rolando D. Rodriguez, President of Crosspointplus. "We can now offer customers the ideal blend of fundraising infrastructure, strategy and content needed to maximize both organizational productivity and fundraising results."

For more information about Crosspointplus's unique fundraising approach, visit or contact Rolando D. Rodriguez by phone at (305) 726-4904 or via email at For more information about DonorCommunity, visit or contact David Blyer by phone at 305-992-6041 or via email at

About Crosspointplus

Crosspointplus develops effective gift fundraising strategies that leverage an organization's unique strengths to craft a respected community image and culture of philanthropy. The company offer years of expertise and a proven track record of raising well over $200 million in fundraising. Crosspointplus develops board training and recruitment programs, including prospecting and relationship building programs that take the fear out of fundraising. The company has a unique specialty in developing and launching fundraising foundations for our non-profit clients that can help expand their goals. For more information, visit

About DonorCommunity

DonorCommunity, Inc. is a cloud computing Software as a Service firm that helps nonprofit organizations cultivate donors, forge closer relationships with stakeholders, engage their communities and raise funds year-round. DonorCommunity offers a suite of fully-integrated Web applications for constituent relationship management, peer-to-peer fundraising, event management, online auctions, online marketing, online donations, volunteer management and Web content management. The entire All-in-One platform with a single database is furnished on a fixed-fee, annual subscription basis that includes unlimited users, unlimited training, unlimited support and free Website hosting. DonorCommunity is also active in the crowdfunding space through its Website. For more information, visit