Animal Welfare

Keep your focus on protecting and saving the Earth's animals.

Giving a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves, every animal welfare organization has many challenges in accomplishing its mission. Raising money and effectively communicating with donors, sponsors, and other consituents shouldn't be one of those challenges.

Animal Shelters

DonorCommunity's software works perfectly for organizations with animal-welfare based causes, such as animal shelters. Bring together your campaign donation data, events, and more with a single piece of software.

With DonorCommunity you can:

  • Register participants for runs and walks
  • Raise money for campaigns to help a special animal
  • Manage donors, volunteers, and more in a single place

But don't just take our word for it.

"DonorCommunity has helped us transform our online presence by bringing everything together. It's simple, yet powerful...I'm not sure where we would be without it."
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DonorCommunity is exactly what we were looking for. Their customer service is also second to none!

David Small, Variety The Children's Charity