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"For almost a year I had been looking for better fundraising software for our national organization. DonorCommunity is exactly what we were looking for. Their platform seamlessly integrates events, donations, donors...everything...into a single database. Their customer service is also second to none!"

David Small

“We had heard good things, but didn’t fully appreciate the importance of managing everything in one place. For the first time, we can plan and implement personalized campaigns using specific data we've captured. We strongly recommend DonorCommunity to any organization that needs a big boost on their online fundraising and event efforts.”

Jenny Garlach
Executive Director/CEO

“After having the state reduce our grant money, we knew that we needed to implement software that would help engage new donors, raise money, and manage our events. DonorCommunity was the only solution that offered us everything that we needed under one umbrella. The fact that it is automated and integrated allows us to do so much more.”

Emilio Benitez

"We’re extremely happy with the capabilities it has provided for us. DonorCommunity offers the power and flexibility we need while being amazingly easy to use. I tell every nonprofit leader I meet that if they don’t look into DonorCommunity, they’re doing their organization a disservice."

Tim Albury
Executive Director

“The most impressive thing about DonorCommunity is that everything is integrated into one software platform. When debating which system to use, no one came close to their offering as a true, all-in-one online platform. You have to take a look at DonorCommunity before making a decision if you’re looking for a revolutionary software solution.”

Mark Adler
Executive Director

Endorsed by nonprofit leaders and experts across the country.

“DonorCommunity not only offers an outstanding All-in-One online fundraising and event-management software, but also a remarkable customer service team. Their platform makes it easy to focus on what is most important which is fundraising all year round.”

Rolando Rodriguez

“Our partnership with DonorCommunity will enable us to utilize up-to-the-minute stakeholder information in planning and executing our highly targeted branding, event, and communications campaigns. We can now offer customers the ideal blend of fundraising infrastructure, strategy, and content needed to maximize both organizational productivity and fundraising results.”

Jen Klaassens

“The DonorCommunity team put a lot of thought into creating a software product that is intuitive and responsive to the needs of nonprofits. It’s a great tool for effectively managing the process of donor engagement and relationship-building.”

Gail Meltzer

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