Email Marketing

Make your emails more personal with DonorCommunity's integrated email marketing that helps you attract new donors and cultivate your existing ones. Using personalization features and data directly from the database, you can ensure that your emails match the unique interests of each recipient.

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So...What Makes Us Different?

Grow Your List

There's more to emailing than broadcasting out to a static email list. DonorCommunity gives you the ability to automatically add new donors to your lists.

Integrated Analytics

No more exporting and merging data. With DonorCommunity, email metrics are fully integrated into constituent profiles in your database.


Segment your lists based on any and all of your unique data criteria, and personalize everything about your emails from sender to message.

Easily Design and Edit

Create templates in moments without needing code and save as many versions for later use.

Creating emails late at night? Sending timed emails, especially as part of a bigger campaign, helps you deliver the right message at the right time.

Retain the ability to save into a draft or reconstruct previous campaigns right from the editor.

The days of constantly importing and exporting your email lists are over. DonorCommunity's email marketing is integrated with your database.

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Send Targeted Emails

From the sender to the message to your call-to-action buttons, you can personalize nearly every part of your emails with DonorCommunity.

Target your email content, including images, text and asks based on the recipient's past behavior and patterned interests.

Never touch a CSV file again. The contacts database allows you to easily segment on any criteria and automatically dedupe your lists.



Track the success of your campaigns, open rates, and clicks.


Worry-free list management with automatic deduplication, so your constituents never have to worry about receiving the same email four times a day.


Start with templates provided in the system for newsletters or invitations. You can even keep the ones you're using. We'll help you bring them over.

Streamline your fundraising within minutes using DonorCommunity