There are a few legal documents that are especially important to you regarding DonorCommunity -- to us, our customers, our prospects, and our partners. To make it easy to find the information you're looking for, we've assembled them all here under one roof and provided you with a quick rundown below of what you'll find in each one.


DonorCommunity Customer Terms of Service

This agreement applies to your DonorCommunity subscription, if you've got one. If you're a DonorCommunity customer or just thinking about becoming one, you'll want to spend some time reviewing this.


DonorCommunity Terms of Acceptable Use

If you use any of our products or services this is the definitive rulebook that lays out what's okay to do with them and what's not.


DonorCommunity Privacy Policy

If you've ever filled out a form on our site or subscribed to our blog or email list we do retain some information about you. And if you are a DonorCommunity customer, it also covers how we handle your customer's data. Our Privacy Policy talks about what we do with all third party data, but even more importantly what we won't.