Online Donations

The backbone of your online fundraising efforts, DonorCommunity Online Donations enables your organization to accept donations, and build recurring donation campaigns in the most simple, effective, and flexible way possible.

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What Makes Us Different?


Make your online donation ask more compelling with personalized content such as videos and pictures.


Easily turn on recurring donations, memorial and honorary gifts, even referral information, directly into the form without any code.


Seamlessly captures donation information into your database, triggers personalized thank-you's, and even allows for offline donation (checks, cash, etc) manual entry.

Flexible Giving

Daily, Monthly, Annually, and even special date-specific times allow your recurring donation campaigns to provide something for every type of campaign.

Allow your donors to personalize their gift by designating it to a loved one in their memory or for a major achievement.

Included both suggested and a customizable amounts within your form to allow the donor to decide.

Your online donations page is the foundation for your online fundraising. Make sure online donor activity is tracked in the right place.

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Unique, Like Your Mission

Donors want to know where their money is going. Let them decide by selecting from options you make available.

Create custom text within the form for instructions or thank you's, and even add pictures and videos to encourage action.

Donation amount, designation, even the donors contact information, are all captured into a single database.



Customize your page labels, add photos, and more to make your online donations page reflect your mission.

Editing Payments

Our software makes it easy for you to manage recurring donations, refunds, and fund allocations.


Your donors can feel safe donating online as our application meets the highest requirements for online transaction security.

Streamline your fundraising within minutes using DonorCommunity